Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 30. März [1868]

Down Bromley Kent

March 30

My dear Friend

I am much obliged for your interesting letter with its genealogical tree. I now understand to a certain extent the importance of the swim-bladder in the Selachians. I shall be curious to a see whether the organ ought not to be considered rather inb a “nascent” than inc a “rudimentary” state. I had always imagined that some animal like the Lepidosiren was the parent-form || of the Vertebrata. –

By all means keep the German edition of my Book: it will be of far more use in your hands than in anyone’s else. –

We have been staying nearly a month in London & I am as wearied of the din & turmoil of the place, as you could be; but we return in two days to the quietude of Down. My visit here has not || been one of rest, for I have been hard at work in collecting new facts on Sexual selection, by corresponding with a multitude of breeders & visiting them & the zoological Gardens. This subject will be the chief one in my next little book, for I entirely agree with you that sexual selection has played a most important part with man. But I find many very serious objections & || difficulties & shall not make out a very good case. –

I am astonished at the hybrids of Hare & rabbit: is it certain that Dr Conrad began his work with a true wild Lepus timidus & not with a hare-like var. of the L. cuniculus?

I am tired with writing letters, so will write no more, & will conclude with my unalterable esteem & friendship. –

Yours very truly

Ch. Darwin

a gestr.: learn; b eingef.: in; c eingef.: in


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