Aveling, Edward Bibbins

Edward Bibbins Aveling an Ernst Haeckel, London, 25. Juni 1882

Practical Science Laboratory

13, Newman Street,

London, W., 25.VI. 1882

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your last letter. I am busy at the translation of your Gesammelte populäre Vorträge. I wish, with your permission to translate all the ten in one volume for our International Library of Science & Freethought in the terms named in my first letter to you.

Can we have in publishing the work in English the advantage of || the original plates? It would not pay us to have new ones cut. But if your publisher will lend them to the Freethought Publishing Company, of which Charles Bradlaugh M.P. is the head they will undertake to return them & to pay if any damage is done to them. This loan would render my translation much more saleable & would bring in more gain, both of fame & of money to yourself. With the hope that this proposal may be accepted.

I am

Yours faithfully

Edward B. Aveling.


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