Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Expedition Commission) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 5. Juli 1882

Challenger Expedition Commission,

32 Queen Street,


5. July 1882.

My Dear Haeckel

I send you to-day 10 plates marked for printing off, as requested in your letter of the 2 inst. We have now here 42 of your Radiolarian plates printed off. Does that agree with the note you have of them?

I understand that you require 120 plates in all for your Radiolarian Report. If this is right then you can proceed with production of that number, but you must not exceed that number without in the first place consulting with me. I agree with you in thinking || that the Phaeodaria should be well illustrated as they seem to me characteristic deep sea forms. You remember that I had a plate of these prepared and the understanding was that it should go into your memoir when I handed over the Phaeodaria to you. I send you a copy. Can you number this plate, put on the names &c. so that it may be printed off? If so return it with instructions.

I’ll be glad to learn from you the present state of the M.S. of the Radiolarian Report and when you expect to have it finished and ready for the || press. Do you wish to publish a German Edition of it?

I will send you in a few days a paper on the Faroe Channel. The volume with your Medusa-paper will be out in ten days and two other volumes will follow in quick succession.

Yours very truly

John Murray.

I leave Stornoway for the Dredging expedition on the 25 inst. My best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel and family.


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