Darling, Ernest Willing

Ernest Willing Darling an Ernst Haeckel, Berkeley, California, 1. Juni 1914

Thanks for letter!

Hurra for our Noble Haeckel! Hale-looking, & writing quite a steady & very clear hand after 80 years of life.

My heart is so glad to look upon your foto showing veneration which I hope shall last to keep you smiling even after the 100 year mark!

I say to medical science || “What are you with all your modern intelligence, if you cannot keep aglow such a fire as I see in the face of Ernest Haeckel as I look upon a recent fotograph.” ( 20 years more!)

It must be done, O Haeckel. You must see & know, & rejoice over the rich harvest of thy pen in emancipating the minds of men from dogmatism. Live & See!

E.W.D. ||

I enclose a few of our wild flowers gathered while on a jaunt in the mountains of California. ||

To Germany: –

Peace to Hohenzollern’s sons!

Let robins nest in Europe’s guns!

Then we’ll have along the Rhine

More of music – less of wine.

– E.W.D. ||

[Beilage: Foto von Darling, nackt arbeitend, Aufnahme von Dr. Risdale of England, Tahiti 1907, egh. Aufschriften Darlings:]

[auf Papierstreifen, der das Bild mittig umläuft:] Ladies not supposed 2 look behind curtain.

Foto by Dr. Risdale of England (on plantation in about 1907)

Clearing brush on plantation in Mts. ||

Natura, clearing brush on plantation in mountains in Tahiti. (1907)


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