Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 12. Februar [1878]

Down, | Beckenham, Kent.


Feb. 12th

My dear Friend

I thank you sincerely for all your most kind words & good wishes on my birth-day. My health has been better of late, & I am able to do every day what I consider a fair amount of work, but what you would consider a mere trifle. Considering my age it will be the more prudent course forb me || not to attempt to write on large & difficult subjects of a general nature, but to use my remaining strength in studying small special points, & thus to aid, as far as I can, the noble cause of science. To you & others must be left the extending & fortifying the principles || of Evolution. – – I am now working with the aid of my son Francis, chiefly on the growth, movements & development of seedling plants; & we have observed some new & curious facts. – –

I rejoice to hear that you are well, & that you are hard at work, about which || I did not in the least doubt. As you say time time is what is wanted most. – –

With all good wishes to you & yours & with many thanks

Yours very sincerely

Charles Darwin

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