Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Dorn, 16. September 1876

Down, | Beckenham, Kent.


Sep. 16. 76

My dear Friend,

We have suffered from a terrible calamity in our family, in the sudden death of the wife of one of my sons, who lives here. They loved each other most tenderly and he has suffered greatly, which from your own experience you will readily believe. We are in much perplexity about our plans; my son has gone with the body of his wife into Wales & we do not know when he will return.

As soon as we can get the baby provided with a good nurse & left under the care of my daughterb, we shall go and visit my son who || suffered from concussion of the brain, but should my widowedc son return here, or shouldd the baby be ill, we shall come home immediately. Under these circumstances I have no idea whether we shall be at Down between the 25th. & 27th. Will you therefore be so good as to let me know your address in London, that I may write to you when the time arrives. Believe me that I should regret extremely not to see you here. ||

If my widowede son is at home, which I do not much expect, I will ask you to come only for some hours during the day; but if not here, I hope you will sleep at Down. This has been the greatest misfortune from which I have ever suffered, & I am sure I shall have your sympathy.

Believe me,

Yours very sincerely,

Charles Darwin

a gestr.: RAILWAY STATION ORPINGTON. S. E. R.; b eingef.: & left under the care of my daughter; c eingef.: widowed; d eingef.: should; e eingef.: widowed



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