Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 25. November 1875

Down, | Beckenham, Kent.


Nov: 25/75

My dear Häckel

I have now read yr History of Creation, and am not surprised at its great success. I have been much struck with many of your brilliant & original remarks; but from having read several parts in the original German Edition, there was not much quite new to me. You will || perhaps be surprised to hear, that the part which I liked best is your history in the earlier chapters. The way in which you speak of my books gratifies me deeply; but it is indeed much too strong, and I fear that critics will attack you for what you have said. The amount of knowledge which you possess, as shown || from the beginning to the end of your Book, & the number of your original investigations, is really wonderful.

Believe me my dear Häckel

Yours gratefully

Charles Darwin

PS. I have read a great deal of yr Essay on the developement of ova & though much too ignorant to form any judgement, I can see how important the essay is, & Ib hope that you are right, for if so you || will have removed some great difficulties.

Do not forget to send me yr paper on the Coral from the Red Sea.

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