Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 3. Oktober [1869]

Down. | Beckenhama | Kent. S. E.

Oct. 3d

My dear Häckel

I received this morning your letter of the 29th. & am heartily glad that you have had so successful an expedition. You give a very pleasant account of all your doings. It is, also, very satisfactory to hear from you of so many naturalists who believe in our views. I am particularly || glad to hear about Sars, for whom I have always felt an unbounded respect. I received some time ago your Siphonophoren, & have admired the exquisite Plates; but I have not yet had time to read any as yet, though it now stands asb the top book of a pile next to be read.c I am very much obliged to you for telling me || of the pages, in the work & in your memoir on Sponges, for, as you know, I am a very poor German scholar, & alas shall never improve.

Do not work yourself to death or sickness.

Let your wife sing that into your ears night & day. – I have forwarded your letter & papers to Mr. Norman. –

My dear Häckel

Yours most truly

C. Darwin

a korr. aus: BROMLEY.; b eingef.: as; c eingef.: next to be read.



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