Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 3. August [1869]

Down, Beckenham, Kent

Aug 3d

My dear Häckel

Many thanks for your very kind letter of July 2d. I first wrote to Huxley, to whom I found that you had applied; & then to Albany Hancock, who says he shd. have been most happy, but has never collected calc. sponges. He says he could give you 2 or 3 species of the burrowing Cliona; if these wd. be of service. – I then applied to the Revd. A. M. Norman & enclose his answer. – You had better write direct to him, as this wd. please him; but you could (if you have to write to me) enclose one for him & I could stamp & forward it. –

Do not forget to say how specimens || could be forwarded. The man who has most specimens is “J. S. Bowerbank Esqr F.R.S, East Ascent, St. Leonard’s-on-sea”; & I daresay he wd. send you specimens, if you were to write to him; but I do not much like to do so. –

What an indomitable worker you are! – I hope you will reap the richest reward possible by making more fine discoveries. You will soon be ranked (not that you will care much about that) amongst the few first naturalists in Europe: already I see your works more & more quoted, in England, Italy & U. States.

Once again many thanks for your very pleasant letter & believe me

Yours most sincerely

Ch. Darwin



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