Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, [20. Oktober 1866]

Down Bromley | Kent Sat.

My dear Sir

It will give me the most sincere & cordial pleasure to see you tomorrowa.

On Sundays there are not many trains to choose from. You must go to the “London Chatham & Dover department”b c of the Victoria station for the trains which || start either at 10.25 arriving at Bromley 11.3 or leaving Victoria at 2.0 arriving at Bromley 2.40.

My carriage, which you will recognize by a white horse with a chestnut one, will meet both trains at Bromley so that you can take your choice. We live 6 miles from Bromley || Station. Take care to get out at Bromley station. We hope that you will of course sleep here & we can convey you to the station the next morning. My health is a good deal improved but I find it impossible to converse with any one for more than a quarter or half an hour at a time. So you must forgive me for often leaving you. || I know that you read English perfectly, & I hope that you speak it, as I am ashamed to say I can neither speak German or French. It will give me the most sincere pleasure to see you.

Believe me yours very faithfully

Ch. Darwin

You had better direct your cab. to Victoria Station, which is little more than half a mile from Clarges St.

a eingef.: tomorrow; b eingef.: department”; c gestr.: and



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