Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 20. Januar [1866]

DOWN. | BROMLEY. | KENT. S. E. | Jan 20

My dear Sir

I thank you for your kind note of Jan. 11. You think much too highly of my work, but I confess it gratifies me not a little to read your frequently repeated expressions about my Origin of Species. No other photographs have been taken of me besides that published by Bronn & that || by my son of which I enclose half a dozen copies. Do not trouble yourself to make up an equal number but I should value greatly photographs of some of the leading naturalists in whom your country so abounds. I have only yourself Fritz Muller, Rütemeyer, & the Philolog. Schleicher.

I am heartily glad that your book is making such good progress: I shall try & read it through, but it will take me an immense time, for I am a wretched German scholar & never improve. I wish I could get it translated & will keep it || in mind, but fear it will be impossible as there is but little sale for purely scientific works in England.

I have read your account of the protogenes primordialis with much interest: nothing can be so wonderful as the vitality & movements of these fluid bodies. I have not yet read your larger paper on Medusae. My health is better & I am now able to work one or two hours a day on the Variation of Domestic Animals & Plants; but I make slow progress.

Pray believe me with every good wish yours sincerely

Ch. Darwin ||

The photographs are in a separate envelope as the postage is less –



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