Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 6. Dezember [1865]

Down Bromley | Kent. Dec 6

My dear Sir

I am much obliged for your last letter of Nov. 11., for your letters always give me pleasure. I am not surprized at the delay in the publication of your book, more especially as you are appointed Professor & have been doing other work. I shall feel much interest in seeing this book when it appears. || I most sincerely wish that you could work with better spirits; but time in the long run will do something for you.

With your lectures & various writings, no one I think will do so much as you in spreading & perfecting sound views on species in Germany.

Every now & then I find some good young worker taking the same side in England; I have justa foundb this is the || case with one of our best rising paleontologists Dr Duncan. I occasionally hear from Max Müller in Desterro & he seems to be grandly in earnest on the subject.

You tell me that you have sent me a book with plates on Medusæ & on fossil Medusæ & on some Rhizopods, but I have not received these. I have received only a description of new “Craspedoter medusen” from Nice, & the Monatsbericht of Berlin on the generation of the Geryoniden &c || This latter paper interested me & surprized me much for I have often speculated whether any such case did occur in Nature & thought it possible, but never expected to see it proved. I suppose the paper with plates is on this same subject. I am sorry to say I can give but a poor account of my health: since April I have been able to do no scientific work, nor do I see any probability of any near approach to such happy days.

With the most sincere respect & good wishes believe me my dear Sir yours very sincerely

Ch. Darwin

a eingef.: have just; b korr. aus: am



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