Darwin, Charles

Charles Darwin an Ernst Haeckel, Down, 30. Dezember [1863] 3. Januar [1864]

DOWN. | BROMLEY. | KENT. S. E. | Dec 30

My dear Sir

Your letters are always much kind. I shall be proud to receive your monograph on the Radiolariæ which I saw & much admired in London; but I know so little of the group that ina truth I am not worthy of your present. I sent off a few days since to Jena a copy of a paper by me, which if you have time I think is || worth your reading.

My health continues very weak & I have no strength to spare, so I am sure you will excuse the brevity of this note.

With very sincere respect believe me my dear Sir

Yours truly obliged

Charles Darwin ||

P S. Jan 3.

By a mistake this letter was put in a wrong envelope & you will have have recieved another note adressed to a friend which I fear will have surprized you.

Please to tear it up. As there has been so much delay owing to my unfortunate mistake, I have directed this to Jena instead of to Berlin.

a korr. aus: it



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EHA Jena
EHA Jena, A 9854