Geddes, Patrick

Patrick Geddes an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 4. September 1889

National Association for the Advancement of Art,

And its Application to Industry.

(Edinburgh Local Committee.)

a 6 James Court

Edinburgh, 4 Sept 1889.

Dear Prof. Haeckel,

As one of the Secretaries of the forthcoming National Art Congress at Edinburgh, it is my duty to inquire as to all such societies as the excellent Verschönerungsverein of Jena, tob which, I recollect || distinctly your town seems to owe a great deal. Would you be so kind as to use your influence withc the secretary of the Verschönerungsverein, to let me have (1) any printed reports which the society may have issued of its work, together with (2) an account of its constitution & mode of working, and (3) any information he may be able to || give as to similar societies else where in Germany. Should there be any bibliography of the subject, I should be very grateful for indications as we hope to establish similar organisations.

So far my immediate business, there are many scientific matters of which I should like to speak, but there I fear I must leave until I have again at some time the pleasure of visiting Jena. || I wish there were any hope of you coming to the British Association in Newcastle, but that I suppose is not to be looked for.

You of course know of John Murray’s recent marriage but perhaps not of J. Arthur Thomson’s lately. Did I even tell you that I have myself been married for 3 years – we have a little girl. We still live in Edinburgh most of the year, d as my professorship of botany in Dundee only takes me there in the summer term.

With kind regards & best wishes for your holiday, Believe me, always yours sincerely

Patrick Geddes

a gestr.: Council Chambers,; b gestr.: of; eingef.: to; c gestr.: tell; eingef.: use your influence with; d gestr.: although


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