Aveling, Edward Bibbins

Edward Bibbins Aveling an Ernst Haeckel, London, 29. Oktober 1880

Royal Polytechnic



Dear Sir,

I venture to write to you as one [of] the great multitude that recognise you for master and have sat at your feet. I do so the more readily as the matter whereon I write will be without doubt one not devoid of interest to you.

My friends Mrs. Annie Besant and Charles Bradlaugh M.P. purpose publishing a series of works in English to be called the International Science and Freethought Series. The first of that series will be a translation of Dr. Büchner’s “Mind in Animals”. The second “The Studentʼs Darwin“ an ori-||ginal work by myself. We have also arrangements with M. Jules Soury as to one of his books & others are pending. It is needless to say that no such series as is contemplated would be complete without a volume that bears the name of Ernst Häckel. I therefore venture to ask you if you will allow me to have the honor of translating into English one of your works. If possible, it should be one not yet translated into our tongue. Would you, in the event of your consent being given, name the work you would prefer to have chosen. One bearing upon Science gener-||ally or on Man’s place in Nature of the Evolution of his mind would be of great value.

As to business matters, we are able to offer you one half the profits after all expenses of printing, publishing, advertising &c. have been paid. You run no risk whatever in the matter. I shall be glad to hear from you at your earliest convenience & sincerely hope your reply may be a favorable one to our request. I feel assured that in answering in the affirmative you will add one more to your many services to Science & to Freedom of thought. I am, with great respect Yours faithfully ||

Edward B. Aveling

D. Sc. Lond., F. L. S.

(Fellow of University College, London)


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