Bastian, H. Charlton

Henry Charlton Bastian an Ernst Haeckel, [London], 1. November 1902



Nov. 1, 1902.

Dear Prof. Haeckel,

No writing that I have received for a long time has given me so much pleasure as the few words contained on your postcard received this morning. I have been most anxious that you should look into the question again, and your silence made me fear that you declared to do so.

I think if you could only find time to read pp. 81-85, and pp. 104-108, touching the developmental possibilities, with Zooglæa, you would be induced to get one your assistants to work at the subject. The materials for this work are even at hand, & by following my instructions what || I have seen may be seen by others.

The verification of my observations on Hydatina Eggs would be more difficult, as good supplies of them and free from other undesirable admixtures, are sometimes not to be obtained, as I have found, for months.

The Royal Society has done the cause much harm by refusing to consider my „Note“ – so that my work has only been noticed hitherto in the most superficial and inadequate manner.

Later on perhaps a few words from you may cause more attention to be given on it.

Meanwhile I am just about to send to the Royal Society another paper dealing with the transformation of algoid cells into Diatoms. The evidence is overwhelming, and I think, this time, they will be compelled to give me a hearing.

Faithfully yours,

H. Charlton Bastian.



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