Bateman, F.

Frederick Bateman an Ernst Haeckel, Norwich, 13. August 1875

Norwich Aug 13. 1875.

Dear Sir and Honoured Colleague,

I am just now engaged in writing a work on Darwinism, and as I intent to make illusion to you valuable and highly scientific work on the History of Evolution, & particularly wish to introduce a description of the „Moners“. As there is at present no English translation of your Schopfungsgeschichte, I thought it would interest || English readers, if I introduced a plate, in my translation of your description. I therefor face write to ask whether you will permit me to copy the simple moners as depicted at page 167, also figures II & 12 in Tafel I?

My description will there be better understood, but I should not copy them without your knowledge and permission. Having obtained your leave, || perhaps I can obtain the block or clichet form your publishers, if not I must get it copied.

I send you by this post a short essay on Darwinism by which you will see that I am opposite your views, but I feel some this will not influence you in granting the favour I ask of you.

The book I am writing will be an expansion of this pamphlet, and the same views developed at greater length.

I think the connection of the doctrine of Evolution with Language is a most important one, and that, hitherto it has been too much overlooked.

May I ask you whether || any treatises upon Darwinism and Language have appeared in Germany since Schleicher’s, as I am desirous not to ignore the literature of the Fatherland.

I am Dear Sir and honoured Colleague

Yours very sincerely

J. Batemann

I am aware that there is an English translation of your „Monographie der Moneren“, but your „Schopfungsgeschichte“ is not to well known to the English as it deserves to be.



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