Sars, Georg Ossian [et al.]

Georg Ossian Sars [et al.] (Editorial Committee of The Norwegian North-Atlantic Expedition) an Ernst Haeckel, [Christiana, ca. 1879]


from the Editorial Committee of

The Norwegian North-Atlantic Expedition.

The „General Report of the Norwegian North-Atlantic Expedition“ is published in parts, each Memoir being distributed immediately on its leaving the press.

The General Report will comprise the following Memoirs: –

Capt. Wille, R. N. (Narrative of the Expedition – Description of the Apparatus, how constructed and used – Magnetical Observations).

Professor H. Mohn (Meteorology – Deep-sea Temperatures – Motion of the Sea – Astronomical, Geographical, Geological Observations).

Mr. H. Tornee (Amount of Air in Sea-Water – Amount of Carbonic Acid in Sea-Water –Amount of Salt in Sea-Water).

Mr. L. Schmelck (The Salts in Sea-Water – Investigation of Bottom Samples).

Professor G. O. Sars (Crustacea – Pycnogonida – Tunicata – Bryozoa – Hydrozoa – Spongozoa – Rhizopoda – Protophyta).

Drs. Danielssen & Koren (Holothurida – Echinida – Asterida – Crinoida – Gephyrea – Anthozoa).

Mr. H. Friele (Mollusca – Brachiopoda).

Dr. G. A. Hansen (Annulata).

Mr. R. Collett (Fishes).

The publication of the Report, for which a grant of money has been obtained from the Norwegian Storthing, is conducted in conformity with the directions of His Norwegian Majesty’s Government, on whose behalf the Editorial Committee have the honour of presenting Herrn Professor Dr. Ernst Häckel with the accompanying Part, the title of which will be found overleaf. The Committee make free to request, that on the publication of scientific works by our Institute, you will kindly remember the scientific institutions and the savants of this country with which and with whom you may have been brought into connexion. Of the more important public libraries in Norway, we have been || instructed to name the following: – The library of the University of Christiania; the library of the Meteorological Institute, Christiania; the library of the Bergen Museum; and the library of the Videnskabernes Selskab, Throndhjem.

On the next page is a form of receipt, which you will please fill out, and return, postage paid. Compliance with this request constitutes the condition on which to insure the forwarding of the parts subsequently published.

Dr. H. Mohn

Chairman of the Committee

Dr. G. O. Sars

Dr. D. C. Danielssen.


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ca. 1879
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