Berg, John [et al.]

John Berg [et al.] (Repräsentanten des Finnischen Volkes) an Ernst Haeckel, Chicago, 24. Juni 1910

To Prof. Ernst Haeckel,



In our days, as never before in the history of the human race, the sentiment of liberty is voiced all over the world. Ignorance is considered a crime, prejudice and hypocrisy as belonging to past ages. Science and kowledge go triumphantly through the world creating everywhere a desire for a higher civilisation and a nobler life. Enthusiasts are found in every departement of life proclaiming liberty above all things. And wherever tyranny and darkness make an attempt to block the advancement of civilisation, the enlightened world is always ready to raise a voice of protest. Past centuries have not had the opportunity to enjoy these blessed advantages, which we enjoy today. How many educators, liberators and human benefactors have not been burned at the stake or put to death by other means! We refer to the Hypatias, the Brunos, the Servitus and the Ferrers. We rejoice over our privileges, but we blush in shame over the very fact that the history of our twentieth century has to record the martyrdom of an apostle of humanity, Prof. Ferrer; – an act, which in reality belongs to the sixteenth century.

We, the representatives of the Finnish people in Chicago, United States of America, although separated from our native land by the great Atlantic, are keeping in close contact with our homes. We know that the Russian authocracy is trying to crush the constitutional rights of Finland, and every blow at its autonomy fills our hearts with sorrow and regret. ||

We have read the protest and appeal which was made on behalf of Finland by eminent men of science and literature in Germany and Austria. We understand that you, Prof. Haeckel, are the leading spirit in that step taken. Your name is known throughout the whole civilized world. We know that you were one of the first to protest against the injustice of the imprisonment of Prof. Ferrer in Spain – the man who spent his life and his wealth for the cause of educating the Spanish children, and as a reward for his services was put to death. We thank you, Professor, for your sympathy. We thank you for protesting against the injustice done to Prof. Ferrer and last, but not least, we wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sympathy shown to our native land, for the appeal you made to the civilized world on behalf of our struggling people. Your noble heart beats for all who suffer from tyranny, injustice and wrong.

John Berg

F. Spolander

J. Wahlstedt

Johan Dahlbo

John Ä. Källman

C. F. Fredrikson

Axel M. Akerman

Andrew Carlson

Andrew J. Starmans

Wiktor Carlson

Petter Backman

John W. Carlson

Erik Peterson

Amelie Peterson

Ida Nygard

Hanna Norrgard

Matilda Smith

Beata Broman

Herman Hjlsche

Herman Krasen

Ed. Nilson

Jahn Gronberg

K. Axelma Blomfeldt

Ania Blomfeldt

Tekla Palm

Alvar Engström ||

Joseph Mattson

Achäus Gießenberg

Ed. Westerlund

Jahn W. Ekblom

Axel W. Ekblom

Alarik Henrikson

Erik Thor

Henry Erikson

Hilda Walin

Matts Nylund

C. F. Johnson

Carl Emikon

Bertha Ekblom

Emil Nordman

Carl Wickstrom

Jack Raitanen

Selma Heike

Olga Lundholm

Mathilda Kullstrom

Hanna Wickstrom

Hanna Raitanen

Matilda Fredrikson

Christina Anderar

Charls O. Hallberg

John Kronlund

August G. Telenius

Sigrid Telenius

Arthur Erikson

Olga Wickman

Ina Oekenström

Armas Oekenström

Maria Svenn

Olga Lagerquist

Ida Erikson

Hillma Häggblam

Evert Sjölund

Marie Erikson

Bertha Ehrman

Hanna Smith

Anna Österlund

Anna Lipkin

Hanna Johnson

Maria Rabin

Hanno Smith

Chas Johnson

Anna Nygren

Elizabeth Arre

Tyyne Hakkinen

Senja Wainio

Ida Wainio

Gustav Blomgren

Elin A. Fredrikson

Chicago Illinois

U. S. A.

June 1910



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