Knight-James, W.

W. Knight James an Ernst Haeckel, Colombo, 29. November 1882

Govt. Normal Institution


Nov. 29th 1882

My dear Professor,

After a good deal of delay, owing to several failures & breakages owing to the great distance the Eggs have to travel before reaching me. I have succeeded in getting for you a fair set of embryos of the Indian Crocodile (Crocodilus biporcatus Cuv.) I have seen Mr. Freudenberg || + he will send them to Trieste by the Austrian Lloyds Steamer leaving Colombo about the 8th of December. If you communicate with the people at Trieste you will be able to get the case. These an 44 specimens in all I think. There is a break in the set at No. 25. here my set (A) 9 eggs was exhausted & I had to commence with a second set (B) which I believe to be of the same age but of course I am not perfectly sure. Nos. 1+2 unfortunately perished but I have retained the oliginal numbering & so the set commences at No. 3 which I believe was taken from || the egg on the 23rd day after laying. All the others were taken consecutively day by day & placed in spirits, from the last of the set of eggs (A) I went on to the first of (B) consecutively. Owing to the monsoon I can have no further communication with the place from where I got the eggs. For 3 or 4 months as the Native boats cannot go. If however you will let me know wheter there is any thing else I can do for you. In the matter I will try after that time. I shal try intend you the set of Termes I promised along with this case. I hope the case will reach || you safely + that the specimens may be of some value to you.

With kindl. Regards

Faithfully yours

W. Knight James



Besitzende Institution
EHA Jena
A 46574