Lankester, Edwin Ray

Edwin Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, London, 3. Februar [1884]

11 Wellington Mansions

North Bank N. W.

Feb. 3rd

Dear Haeckel,

I have been much interested to read your new system of Radiolaria in ,Nature’. I am very anxious to incorporate it in the article Protozoa – which || I am writing for the Encyclopedia Britannica. This must be finished before your Challenger volume can appear. I therefore write to ask you if you can give me proofs of some of the plates, shewing the chief new focus & new facts – so that I can have some wood-cuts made || for my article from them.

If you have not duplicate proofs of the Plates – I think that if you would name to me the figures & plates which would be most important for my purpose – I could get them through John Murray.

Or perhaps you could lend me plates which I would return to you, after a few months.

Yours ever sincerely

E. Ray Lankester.


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