Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 26. Juni 1888

Challenger Expedition Office,

32 Queen Street, Edinburgh,

26 June 1888

My Dear Haeckel

I am delighted to hear that you have nearly finished your Siphonophora Report, and I trust you will be able to be completely free from Challenger work by the close of July, and that you may || enjoy your much needed holiday in the Alps.

I hope to get the remainder of your Manuscript this week. I have arranged with the printer that you are to have the whole of the M. S. we now have in type during next week.

I think it most likely that I will || turn up at Jena for one day in July, but I will write you quite definitely early next week.

I would like you to pack up the things that should go to the British Museum separately, but send them all to me here and I will forward the British Museum things.

My best remembrances all your family || and if I do not see you in the month of July then I certainly will in the Autumn.

Yours sincerely

John Murray


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EHA Jena
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