Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 11. Mai 1881

Challenger Office

32 Queen Street


11 May 1881.

My Dear Haeckel

I have your letter of the 6 May. Sir Wyville says he sent you, some of the proof-sheets of the translation a few days ago.

Sir Wyville says there will be no || difficulty about getting letters of introduction for you in Ceylon. There may be some difficulty about getting your collections liberated from duties. However Sir Wyville is going up to London at the end of this month and he will speak with those who know about these matters. Perhaps we can manage for you, if you can send || your things through our Challenger Office. We could send you spirit bottles &c. &c. from here. We will do whatever we can for you. Let me know what month you propose to go, and I will see what can be arranged after Sir Wyville has been at London. I did not make out my visit to Italy. I am proposing to go out to America for a short trip, and will be || away all the month of June. Can I do anything for you there? if so, let me know. You will have a fine time in Ceylon.

My best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel and family. Dr. Cowan was asking after you the other day.

Yours ever truly

John Murray.


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