Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 12. November 1880

Challenger Office

32 Queen Street


12 Nov. 1880.

My Dear Haeckel

Many thanks for your list of the Radiolaria of the Knight Errant. Sir Wyville Thomson is quite willing that Hertwig should report on the Deep-Sea Medusae. I have sent you to-day a box containing some more specimens of these || Medusae which be so good as give to Hertwig with the rest. These are two specimens from the Knight Errant. Could Hertwig give me the names of these for the Preliminary Report on the cruise of the Knight Errant which will be published in a few weeks? One was sent last time and the || other in this box. I am delighted to hear that we are to have your paper on the Medusae next month.

I have Renard here just now working at the minerals.

You seem to have had a fine time in Italy! I wish I had been with you. I am going to Glasgow to-morrow and I will call on Rottenburg, as I am to be there over Sunday.

With my best wishes to Mrs Haeckel and the children

Yours ever

John Murray. ||

„Knight Errant” Stations

St. 1. 27 July 1880. Latitude 60-4 or. Longtitude 7-37w

Bottom temp 47.1. Fahrenheit 305 fathoms

St. 2. 28 July. Lat 60-29 or. Long 8-19w

Bottom temp 31.° Fh 375 fms

St. 3. 3 Aug. Lat 59-12 or. Long 5-57w

Bottom temp 47.1. Fh 305 fms

St. 4. 10 Aug. Lat 59-33 or. Long 7-14w

Bottom temp 45.4. Fh 555 fms

St. 5. 11 Aug. Lat 59-26 or. Long 7-19w

Bottom temp 45.8. Fh 305 fms

St. 6. & 7. 11 Aug. Lat 59-37 or. Long 7-19w

530 fms

St. 8. 17 Aug. Lat 60-3 or. Long 5-51w

Bottom temp 29.2. Fh 540 fms

Don’t forget to keep the accounts of the prices you pay for the boxes and to send them to me.


Did you ask for a receipt for those you paid last year from the railway people?



Besitzende Institution
EHA Jena
EHA Jena, A 41578