Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 26. Juli 1886

Challenger Expedition Office,

32 Queen Street, Edinburgh,

26 July 1886

My Dear Haeckel

It seems that there are a number of sheets which were sent to you in first proof in April last and have not yet been returned. I enclose a list of these. Have you overlooked them or have they gone || amissing in the post?

I am a little at a loss with respect to the explanation of the plates. It does not seem that all the species figured on the plates belong to the Families which are mentioned in the explanations, as || for instance in the proof which I enclose. According to the text the figures belong to several families on plates 13 and 14.

Yours ever

John Murray

Since writing the above I have your letter of the 24 inst: and note what you say about being absent next month || and also about the Introduction.

Aulocantha although got frequently on the surface really usually lives much deeper. Same with Aulosphaera.Remember me to Gegenbaur I was much tempted to go to Heidelberg, a number are going from here.

Best remembrances to all the family


J. M.


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