Lankester, Edwin Ray

Edwin Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, London, 17. Juni 1880

11 Wellington Mansions

North Bank. N. W.

June 17th

Dear Haeckel,

Enclosed is a rapid description of the most lovely little medusa, Fancy hundreds of medusae suddenly appearing in fresh-water in the middle of London.

The otolilths & their canal like sacs are very peculiar. I am not || yet quite sure but I believe the canal-like sacs are of endodermal origin as well as the otolith cells.

I shall send you specimens treated by osmic acid.

The medusae are still flourishing in the tank at Regents Park. I hope soon to get the eggs. They die in water which is of the ordinary temperature – I shall publish a || few figures in the Juli Heft of my Journal. But I require some longer time to work at the sections.

[2 drawings]

I am entirely indebted to your beautiful system der Medusen, || for the means of at once determining the true position of this interesting new genus. = I thought at first that the otocysts were like those of Leptomedusae, which they much resemble. But the lithogenuous cells are endodermal – & I think the lining of the canals is also endodermal.

Ever yours

E. Ray Lankester


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