Lankester, Edwin Ray

E. Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, London, 10. April [1880]

11 Wellington Mansions

North Bank N. W.

April 10th

Dear Haeckel,

Very many thanks for your memoria on the hypogenesis of Aurelia. It is a most welcome addition to the subject and opens out as you suggest all sorts of experimental possibilities. || I hope very much that Limnocodium will appear again this year at the Botanic Gardens but feel no confidence that it will. I have given some accounts first lately in my journal of its ontogeny so far as I could get at it – and it leads me to confirm an observation of yours on Geryonia as opposed to Metschnikoff. I have just returned from the coast of || Devonshire (Paignton) where I went to work at Thalassema (Gephyraean) which is abundant there. I shall go again in the summer for the ontogeny.

Sincerely yours

E. Ray Lankester


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