Lankester, Edwin Ray

E. Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, London, 23. Januar [1880]

11 Wellington Mansions

North Bank N. W.

Jan. 23rd

My Dear Haeckel,

I have again to thank you most warmly for the gift of a second part of your Medusa monograph. It is, if possible more beautiful than the last – and those Peromedusae are in the very highest degree interesting. I am || very glad you have instituted the term Stauromedusae and adopted Scyphomedusae in the wider sense. I sympathize with you about writings in the Russian and Chinese languages: they are really too troublesome.

I suppose Limnocodium came too late to be mentioned in your supplementary list.

The Hertwigs have sent me their Coelom theory which is very interesting and deals very fairly with the discussion, but I can not accept their conclusions at all.

Believe me, with sincerest regards –

Always yours

E. Ray Lankester


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