Lankester, Edwin Ray

Edwin Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, Leipzig, 26. Februar [1871]

Feb. 26th

37 Nürnberg Strasse


My dear Professor Haeckel,

Professor Preyer who was here the other day, told me that you intend to spend the Easter vacation at Trieste. I have been here since the beginning of the year, working with Professor Ludwig, since in England I have had no opportunity of making myself acquainted with experimental physiology and I think that some knowledge of that branch of science is necessary to a biologist. I have not yet determined where to go in the Easter vacation, but I think, if it were convenient to you – I should like very much || to join you at Trieste. My only doubts are as to the facilities for working there and whether you have made such arrangements that I could not be with you. It would be to me a great pleasure and very profitable to look on at your work. – Even were I unable to do much myself. I therefore hope you will spare a moment to write me – 1st as to when you will be in Trieste – 2nd the way to get there from here – 3rd whether there is a laboratory there or does one take a lodging – 4th must one take glass vessels, and apparatus – or can one procure such things there – of course I should take my microscope –

After Easter, I intend to continue || in Leipzig to hear the remainder of Prof. Ludwig’s course & finish some experiments with him and also to work with Professor Leuckart in all probability. Please remember me kindly to Dr. Dohrn, who, I hope has got the books from England – and also to Prof. Preyer.

It is a long way to Trieste so that I have not quite made up my mind about going there – but I feel much inclined to do so.

I must thank you much for the separate copies of papers you have recently sent to me – Darwin’s new book is out. I have not yet received it, but he has sent me a copy which is on the way.

Believe me, dear Professor Haeckel –

Sincerely yours

E. Ray Lankester



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