Lankester, Edwin Ray

Edwin Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, Oxford, 18. November 1873

Exeter College


Novb 18th

My dear Professor Haeckel,

Many thanks for the last edition of your book. The translation is finished and a large part printed. By the new year, I hope the British public will be reading it. I want to ask you to be kind enough to write me a preface of two pages or so – for the English edition. I am very anxious that this book should be read and do good || amongst a real mass of English people. I am rather afraid that if I were to translate your last preface – it would prevent some of these poor stupid people from looking at the inside of the book. „What!” they will say „one of the ,Wir’! Oh! dreadful, damnable – Don’t look any further.” They require to be taught the facts without discussing inferences – otherwise they will refuse to learn. So will you write something for the poor || deluded British public – that will not frighten them. Did you receive Charlton Bastian’s book from me?

Believe me, dear Prof. Haeckel, with kind remembrances to friends at Jena

Very truly yours

E. Ray Lankester.



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