Lankester, Edwin Ray

E. Ray Lankester an Ernst Haeckel, London, 13. Oktober [1879]

11 Wellington Mansions

North Bank

N. W.

Oct. 13th

My Dear Haeckel,

Very many thanks for the papers sent. They are most interesting & useful to me. The Ctenaria is a most beautiful intermediate form.

Now I want to || beg you on a print of terminology – None of the terms in use will hold good now for the divisions of Hydrozoa.

Therefore call them Hydromedusae and Scypho- or Scyphistomedusae.

I used these terms in my preface to Gegenbaur. But you use Scyphomedusae for Lucernaria &c. &c. || Now is that not a pity? To throw away a good symmetrical term like that upon a small group – such as the Lucernariae.

All confusions as to Discophora, Acaleptae, Hydroida, Medusae &c. are at once removed if you name your two big groups { Hydromedusae | Scyphistomedusae

- the first derives from Hydro

- the second from Scyphistoma

Sincerely yours

E. Ray Lankester


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