McCabe, Joseph

Joseph McCabe an Ernst Haeckel, London, [ca. Mai/Juni 1908]

16, Elm Grove.


London N.W.

Dear Master,

I have written a column about your Museum for the Literary Guide, & it will appear in the issue for July. Will you kindly glance at the proof which I enclose, & let me know if you would suggest any alteration. I hope it will move some of our people to send a cheque, though we have not many wealthy supporters.

I have just been reading again the tenth edition of your Schöpfungsgeschichte at the || British Museum. I do not want to bother you, but if you happen to have any spare copies of the plates I should be very much obliged if you could send me some. I am preparing a series of lantern-lectures on the evolution of mind, & would like to include copies of some of your pictures.

Mr. Watts tells me that you have had another attack of influenza. I hope you have recovered by this time. I have been telling people that you were very well, & am extremely || sorry to hear that that is not quite correct.

With kindest regards & best wishes

Yours very sincerely

Joseph McCabe

P.S. Will you be at Jena during July? A Hindoo friend of mine will be near there, & would like to have the honour of shaking your hand. I wish I could come with him. Recently a Japanese sent to me for your autograph and mine, & he is showing them framed as his greatest treasures! I may be going to preach the phylogenetic gospel in India & Australia next Spring.


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