McCabe, Joseph

Joseph McCabe an Ernst Haeckel, London, 28. Dezember 1905

16, Elm Grove.


London N.W.

Dec. 28/05

Dear Professor Haeckel,

I have just sent off to you the Bericht (60th birthday) & the photographs which you kindly lent me for producing that new biography. I think you will find that I have returned all those that you desired. I have insured the parcel, so hope it will arrive safely.

I must thank you once more for a splendid gift – the Kunst-formen. It is a beautiful work. I must try || to induce a publisher here to take it up. In a day or two I will send you a copy of the second edition of my Twelve years in a monastery. It may interest you to read the account of my life as a monk & priest. I studied philosophy at Louvain University (also Hebrew & Syriac) but our monastic rules would not let me take a degree. The learning is no use to me now, but the degree would have been. I am much hindered now through not having a degree, but I suppose it is too late to work || for one. However I am reading up biology. I made many mistakes in my early translations of your books (& in the Anthropogenie) which must have distressed you, but they are all disappearing in the new editions.

With best wishes for a healthy & happy New Year I remain yours very sincerely

Joseph McCabe

I will send you Sir Oliver Lodge’s book – a miserable thing – & my reply to it as soon as it is ready.


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