McCabe, Joseph

Joseph McCabe an Ernst Haeckel, London, [18. November 1905]

16, Elm Grove.


London N.W.

Dear Prof. Haeckel,

I have to trouble you once more – & for the last time. I believe – about the biography. I have made the necessary arrangements with the publishers of most of the illustrations we want buta there are one or two difficulties.

1. The editor of Jugend says he has no power to allow us to reproduce the Lenbach portrait. The copyright is with the Witwe Lenbach, he says. Where she is I cannot discover. But you tell me the original is in your possession. Does not || that mean that you can authorise us to reproduce it? Or could you give me the address of Mme. Lenbach? We want to reproduce it in colour, & will pay careful attention to your hints to me about the colours.

2. You do not say anything about the photo of Italian group of naturalists. Do you know if this is proprieta reservata?

3. Could you direct someone at Jena to send us a nice photo of the Zoological Institute & (possibly) of your house, which we may reproduce? We would send him payment for them. ||

I think this is all about the illustrations. W. Fisher Unwin is very grateful for your cooperation in the matter, & hopes to gratify you in the production of the biography. I am, of course, looking forward with pleasure to the photo of the Herold bust which you promise me.

Now I want to ask you a little information to put in the supplementary chapter which I am to write. I will call this “The crowning years” – & hope to add another some day called “The years of rest”. My aim is to show your successes & honours in the last decade – since the 60th birthday. Please do not shrink from this. The English are great ,snobs’ & are greatly || impressed by a list of honours. It will be good for our cause – & for your sake we want you fully appreciated before you leave us, not merely afterwards.

I have most of the facts I want, but would be glad if you would tell me a little

1) about the Bressa prize ( & the terms in which it is conferred)

2) how many translations of the Natürliche Schopfungsgeschichte & Welträthsel

3) how many foreign university diplomas &c. you hold.

4) anything else of recent years that your modesty will allow you to tell me.

Sir O. Lodge is writing a little book against you which I will send you. I will reply to it. Do forgive me for all this trouble. I hope our book will be out in January.

Yours very truly

Joseph McCabe

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