Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 20. Januar 1914

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Challenger. Edinburgh.

Telephone 28 Granton.

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20th January 1914

My Dear Haeckel

It gave me much pleasure to receive your letter of the 20th instant with congratulations on my Daughter’s marriage, and your good wishes for the new year. The young people are off to Ceylon for their honeymoon with your book on Ceylon in their pocket!! I am || sorry to learn that the sphere of your physical liberties are now so much limited, but mentally you appear to be as full of the joy of life, and as interested in the future of our human kind as ever!

I enclose you a cheque for £ 50. (1000 marks) for the „Fonds d’Ernst Haeckel pour le Monisme”. Please send this to the proper address at Hamburg. I had intended || to write a few pages for your 80th birthday, but I have been much occupied, and a few weeks ago I was laid up with a severe attack of indigestion which put writing quite out of the question. I had proposed to say something about your influence on myself and my ideas, about monism and that complex of energies which we call matter and mind. I must endeavour to make another pilgrimage to Jena to || see you once more. I am on the whole in very good health. For three months this last summer, I was shooting three hours everyday, very good for 73 years! Iʼll be 73 years on the 3rd March next. I hope to go around the world once more! I look back on my relations with you as the pleasantest experiences of my life.

Your old friend

John Murray.

We have had a house in London for the past two months, we return to Edinburgh in 10 days time J. M.a

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