Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Falkland, 17. April 1906

Telegrams and Cables:

“Challenger, Falkland.”

House of Falkland,


Fife, N.B.

17th April 1906

My Dear Haeckel

In the Introduction to your last lectures I see Joseph McCabe talks of your „enfeebled health” and of your being compelled to be a „passive spectator &c”.

I hope you have not been any worse lately and that you || still possess a full measure of health and strength for your years. We hope also that Mrs Haeckel is keeping in good health.

If you would both come here on a visit any time this summer I’ll be delighted to meet you in London or elsewhere and bring you || here. We have lots of room here and we are away from all large towns, so you could spend a month in the fields and woods and hills with profit to your health. Should you be able to undertake the journey.

Our eldest girl has not been very well the || last week or two, but otherwise we are in very good form.

I’ll run you about in a noiseless motor if you can come over !!

With best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel

Yours sincerely

John Murray

P.S. This house belongs to the Roman Catholic family of Bute, plenty of sacred pictures and a chapel close by, but shut up at present J.M.



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