Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Lodge) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 3. Juni 1904

Registered Telegraphic Address.

Challenger. Edinburgh.

Challenger Lodge,



3 June 1904.

My dear Haeckel

Your letter with reference to a copy of the Radiolarian Report for your friend at Padua duly arrived here and I made this request the text of communications to the Royal Society and the Treasury. The result has been successful a copy of the Radiolarian Report will be sent at once to Padua. Further, it has been arranged that any || applications for any special Challenger Report, is to be dealt with directly by a Royal Society Committee, and only applications for a complete set need in future be referred to the Treasury department. I am therefore very much obliged to you for your letter because it has brought about an arrangement I have long desired. If you know any real scientific workers who desire a || copy of any of your, or other Challenger Reports, tell them to apply to me or better perhaps to the Secretary of the Royal Society, London. Then if the application be approved a copy will be sent without delay.

In some book of yours I think you have written something about the chemical composition of sea water and its relation to the blood of living animals, in fact I think you compare sea-water and blood. || Could you refer me to the book in which I will find what you have said?

We are now enjoying life here. On the 22nd we go to Oxford to receive an honorary Degree! – I do not forget my first honorary Degree came from Jena!

On the 3 September we sail for America, and we will be absent for two months.

With the best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel and all your family

Yours sincerely

John Murray.



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