Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Rannoch Lodge, 9. Juli 1902

Rannoch Lodge,

Rannoch Station,

N. B.

9 July 1902.

My dear Haeckel

Mr George Chrystal ‒ the son of the Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh ‒ is attending the University courses at Jena this summer. He belongs to Balliol College Oxford, and is a literary student. He wishes the || use of the University Library at Jena and his father has asked me if I could give him a letter to any of the professors. I have given him a note to you and if you can in any way assist him in his work I’ll feel much obliged to you.

This summer || I have been in this northern part of Scotland sounding the fresh-water lakes. I have about six young men assisting me. Some of them biologists, some physicists and some chemists. It is interesting work but we have not as yet come across many striking results. I have a motor-car || in which I move about from place to place and in a few weeks I hope to be at Scourie again, the place we visited long ago. Next week we will be sounding Loch Maree, near Gair loch which you may remember.

My wife joins me in the best remembrances. I hope you and your family are very well. This leaves us in the best of health.

Yours sincerely

John Murray.

Mr Chrystals address is Frau Bran Am Steiger 1




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