Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Draycot, 11. Dezember 1900



11 December 1900.

My Dear Haeckel,

I have just got back here from a visit of one month to Christmas Island. It is a delightful place and I enjoyed it very much. I climbed cliffs by Banyan roots, and slept out in the forest in rain and did many things which a man || of 60 years should not do, and I do not seem to be any the worse of my adventures. My legs were so sore with bruises and scratches that they had to be put in bandages for two days!

I sail from here on Friday for Colombo and will spend ten days in Ceylon, then || to Egypt where I’ll spend ten days and I expect to be in Edinburgh in February.

I have just been to see Hanitsch, and I am sorry to learn from him that you have had fever at Buitenzorg, and that you may not go further. I had hoped to visit Batavia, but I could || not get the ship to stop. I am very glad the Royal Society has given you the Darwin medal, and I hope the £ 100 which goes with it will be useful to you in your travels. I may be out here again next year! I enclose a note from Herdman.

Wishing you good health and safea journies

ever your

John Murray

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