Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Lodge) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 7. Dezember 1896

Challenger Lodge.



7 December 1896.

My dear Haeckel

I duly received your letter of the 14th November and last week the box arrived with the books and the two Holz-Seideln. First, let me say how very sorry we are to hear that Mrs Haeckel is still unwell. We hope however that a turn for the better may soon take place. || I am also sorry to find that you should refer to yourself as alt und unbrauchbar. You seem as active as ever, and I trust there are many days of good work still before you.

Very many thanks both from my wife and myself for the Seideln. We have them placed in my study as ornaments. Very many thanks also for all the books which I am very glad to have. || I have distributed the packets to [the] Royal Society, Arthur Thomson, McIntosh and Rottenburg. Iʼve sent some of the duplicates to Mr Macmillan. I have duplicates of the Calcispongia and Radiolaria, Iʼll consider where these can be most usefully placed.

It is certainly a great thing to have completed the Phylogenie, on which you have thought so very much. I congratulate || you on its completion. I must commence to read it very soon.

If we carry out our present intention we will go to Germany next June and remain there all summer. Most likely somewhere in Thuringia.

I feel I could spend a whole year in some quiet place reading and thinking. I wish, if I can to get away from all social functions, to remain || abroad four fully a year. I am now so well known in Scotland that many demands are made on my time, and I find it increasingly difficult either to find time for reading or for scientific work.

I am working at some new deep sea deposits from the Pacific, and also at some Oceanic temperature questions. I also have a good deal to do with || Fishery Board work, but this I do not find very satisfactory.

Nansen and his wife will be staying with us here in February. So we will hear his story.

With the best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel from my wife ever

yours very sincerely

John Murray.



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