Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 16. Februar 1896

32 Palmerston Place,


16 February 1896.

My dear Haeckel

I have to thank you very much for your article on the Challenger work and for the separate copies you have been so good as to send to me. I am sure I hope I deserve all the pleasant things you have said about me. However it makes me feel || more deeply than ever how mucha I have been indebted to you ever since the first day I became acquainted with you.

I hope we scientific men may be able to brush away as much and as soon as possible the feeling which has lately arisen between English and Germans. Both nations have much to || gain by remaining friends and have nothing to gain by quarrels. The Kaisers letter has caused this country to spend many millions on war material, some of which might in other circumstances have gone for scientific Expeditions!!

I am now busy with Fishery work in Scotland, and during this summer I hope to be doing much dredging work around our coasts. And next year I hope the Government || may give us a much larger ship. If you can come to Scotland this summer I will take you about in a much finer boat than the „Medusa”. Will you come?

My best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel, and we both hope she is now much better and also that your foot no longer troubles you

Yours sincerely

John Murray

a eingef.: how much



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