Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 31. Dezember 1895

32 Palmerston Place,


31 December 1895

My dear Haeckel

We we are very sorry indeed to hear that Mrs Haeckel is ill and that you have not had a Merry Xmas. It is much to be hoped that Mrs Haeckel may soon recover health and be as bright as ever. We are delighted to learn that your foot is so much better and I trust it may || serve you well for many a day to come.

Very many thanks for all your good wishes for the New Year and accept ours in return: for you and all your family may the new year turn out to be a happy and prosperous one.

We are all very well, and the children are especially in a very flourishing condition. || They now wish me to go on a Fishery Commission here, and I may do so as there will be an opportunity of doing some scientific work in connection with the Ocean. If I do so however this will prevent us from carrying out our idea of passing a year in Germany. In a few days Iʼll know what will be our movements for the next year and || then Iʼll write you.

I look forward with much interest to reading your article on the Challenger Report. Thanks for your little paper on the Echinodermata. In a few days I hope to send you some papers at which I’ve been busy. Iʼm again at work on Deep Sea Deposits having received a large number of new samples. A Good New Year to you


John Murray



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