Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 11. Oktober 1895

32 Palmerston Place,


1 October 1895

My dear Haeckel

Both my wife and I are very much grieved to hear that you have been laid up for eleven weeks. Altogether it must have been a very unfortunate accident and exceedingly tiresome for you. We trust the baths at Baden-Baden may have a most beneficial effect || on the stiff-joint and that you may soon be able to take your usual exercise. Tis very nice I find to preach patience to others: rather difficult to practise it myself on such occasions, as an accident like yours!

It is very good of you to trouble about writing a review of the Challenger volumes. I am pleased with what has been || said about the work. It is a great thing to have procured so many willing to lay aside petty personal and national dislikes and to unite in producing a Report like that of the Challenger. ‒ It shows that cultured men of science can rise to higher planes and in intellectual fields, can combine to sow and to reap harvests of truth!!

I note what you say about Weimar. We || heard of a good house there with a garden for the children. My wife makes it a condition of going to Germany that it must be a country place or small town where the children can get easily into the country. We will see, and consider after the new year.

With best wishes and remembrances to all your family

Yours sincerely

John Murray.



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