Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 1. Oktober 1895



1 October 1895

My dear Haeckel

I returned here yesterday and I find the third part of your Phylogeny. Very many thanks for this. ‒ You are still as rigorous as ever!! But, I was very sorry to learn at Leiden that you are still laid up with a broken foot. I had no idea that the accident, of which your son-in-law told me, was such a serious one: I hope you will soon be all right and || that the enforced quiet and absence of your usual exercise may have no bad effect.

The meeting was rather interesting at Leiden. Virchow seemed almost quite converted by Pithecanthropus!! I was introduced to Hensen but he was very shy of me and we had no talk about plankton.

We have now settled down here for the winter and I will be busy || with deep sea deposits and some papers till the end of April. It is not imputable that in May next I will go to Germany with all my family for about a year. We may possibly take a house at Weimar for a year. I wish to have a years rest and to read German books for a year or so!!

We are all very well. I took all the family to Holland for a month and the children spent || all the time on the sands at Scheveningen near Den Haag and were very happy.

My wife joins me in the best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel and all your family. Hoping to hear good news with regard to your foot.

Yours very sincerely

John Murray.



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