Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, North Berwick, 3. Juli 1895

New Club

North Berwick

3 July 1895

My dear Haeckel,

I have been reading “Natural Science” and I fear it may be very difficult for me in future to live up to the high character you have given me in its pages.

I thank you very much for what you say about me personally || as well as for your high estimation of the work of the Expedition.

I can say that my correspondence with you during these past years has been one of the brightest things connected with the Challenger work. And some day I hope to say that your buoyant nature and || lively interest in all my work was at all times the greatest encouragement. It is very kind to overlook the shortcomings of the Expedition and to dwell on what we actually accomplished.

In a few weeks I hope to send you a medal. But the artists would not allow me to have || my own way. and make it realistic!

I am going to the Geographical Congress in London, to the British Association. and to the Congress at Leiden. We have not yet made up our minds whether we will remain in Scotland or go to the continent next winter.

Yours sincerely

John Murray


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