Murray, John

John Murray an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 1. Februar 1895

32 Palmerston Place,


1 February 1895.

My dear Haeckel

I should have written to you long ago to wish you all the good wishes of the new year and to thank you for the first part of your Systematic Phylogeny and Monism.

I have been very busy. I worked very hard to endeavour to get the last two of my || 50 Challenger volumes out before the end of last year, but I could not manage it. Now, fortunately they are out of my hands and into those of the binders. You should have your copy before the end of this month. – You may see much to condemn in this summary!! ‒

The Government kept in their hands 100 copies till the completion || of the whole work. These 100 copies are the only complete sets that remain. We hope the Government will present a large number of these to Scientific Institutions abroad. I hope you will praise that view and help to bring this about.

I would rather see these volumes where they can be consulted by Naturalists and Students than locked up in private || or local libraries. If you are interested in any such Institutions receiving a presentation copy of the 50 volumes you should advise that an application be advanced to the President of the Royal Society, London. I have a half-promise that the Royal Society will be consulted in any new presentation list that may be || drawn up. I am very pleased at having been able to complete these great publications and to have overcome all obstacles in the way. – ʼTis always something done though it might well have been done better!

I have some idea of having a medal || struck- a „Challenger Medal” to present to contributors and those who have taken part in the Expedition. Can you suggest what should go on such a medal?

I think now of writing a book on the Antarctic to try and give a fillip to the proposed new Expedition. ||

I hope you Mrs Haeckel and all your family are in good health. We are all very well and John Challenger Murray is becoming quite a big boy!

With best remembrances

ever from

John Murray.



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