Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 7. Juni 1887

Challenger Expedition Office,

32 Queen Street, Edinburgh,

7 June 1887

My Dear Haeckel

I am delighted to learn the Pilgrim to the Holy Land has returned safely again to the „World the Flesh and the Devil.” Very pleased also to learn that you have enjoyed your travels.

The 250 copies || of the Distribution Map was sent to Georg Reimer Berlin S. W. Anhalt St. 12 about ten days ago, and along with it the account for the same (one pound).

Glad to hear Giltsch is going on with the Siphonophora. Have you any intention of coming to this country this summer? Do you intend to go to the German Science || Meeting at Wiesbaden in December?

Have you any German student (young) who knows the species and genera of Radiolarians well and who would like to spend a month or so here this autumn or winter. In connection with my Deposit Report I want the genera and species determined for a number of stations and lists made out.

I propose to be || in Germany and Switzerland sometime this summer. I may go the end of this month but would like to hear from you before I make up my mind.

With the best remembrances to all your family

Yours sincerely

John Murray

The enclosed letters about your Report may interest you: Return them to me unless you especially wish to keep them.


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