Murray, John

John Murray (Challenger Office) an Ernst Haeckel, Edinburgh, 1. Juli 1879

Challenger Office

32 Queen Street.


1. July 1879

My Dear Haeckel.

Sir Wyvilee keeps better, but does not yet take any part in business. By the time you come here next month I hope he will be all right again. Your plates arrived here safely yesterday all in good || order. Nos 58. 78. 69. 71. 52. 74. 72. 17. 77. 54. I enjoyed a visit from your friend Professor Abbe on Thursday. – I am sorry it was a wet day.

I would like you come here in August as arranged, to get the rest of the Radiolaria Challengeridae &c. and to talk over the work. Your expenses will be paid. i. e. you will || be allowed one pound per day, and your fares (first-class) here and back, cabs &c. I will await the Steamer which leaves Hamburgh on the 6 august, and will expect you to stay with me. – Should Sir Wyville be well enough he will expect you to remain with him for at least a day or two – In any case you will see Sir Wyville. After we have finished our work here we will take some || trips – a la tum-diddle tum – or go fishing, hunting, golfing, tow-netting or anything else you like. I hope you will stay with us as long as you can. I have sent Giltsch’s accounts on to the Treasury and I hope it will be paid soon. If you have any other accounts send them on to me.

Yours as ever

John Murray.

My best remembrances to Mrs Haeckel and the children.


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