Schmitz, L. Dora

L. Dora Schmitz an Ernst Haeckel, London, 25. Juli 1914

12 Leamington Road.Villas


London W

My dear & honoured Professor Haeckel,

I feel I must tell you of my visit to Mr Scheffauer to whom you so kindly gave me an introduction. One of the first things I did on my return home, a fortnight ago, was to write to him & to Mr McCabe. The latter gentleman wrote to say he feared he was too busy at present to be able to fix a day for my visit, as he rarely got home till 8 p. m.

Mr. Scheffauer, in his reply to my note, was clearly very glad || to see anyone who had been fortunate enough to see „his dear old master”, lately. ‒ Well, I & my sister Adela went over to Highgate last Tuesday & were most kindly received by Mr Scheffauer & his pretty young wife; & we hope to meet again before very long, as we found we had many interests in common. We had a most pleasant time in their picturesque „little cottage under a big tree” as Mr Scheffauer had described it in his note.

Meanwhile, however, we seem all about to leave London for a time. I am to go to Scotland to my eldest sister Mrs Young, about August 20th; she is very eager to [hear] || all details about my many happy visits to the dear Vaterland, and you may be sure that I have a very bright and pleasant story to give of my visit to you, & of the kind & friendly welcome you gave me. My thoughts have often, & will often wander back to that afternoon in your beautiful study ‒ I had so long wished to make a pilgrimage to Jena to see my dear old friend & master.

I trust you are able to have a little change of air & scene during the summer, & that your wife’s health is now causing you less anxiety.

With heartiest greetings & good wishes

Affectionately yours

L. Dora Schmitz


P.S. I have not yet got Heinrich Schmidt volumes, published for the Deutsche Moinistenbund, but they have been ordered. Your „Gott-Natur” I have read & mean to re-read of course, it is a grand close to your other works, for which mankind can never be grateful enough to you ‒ & what glorious mottos from Goethe you give us!

[beiligendes Brieffragment von fremder Hand]

Welträthsel (translation) away back in 1900, when it was first published I believe I have read all of his greatest works. I wrote to him ‒ while I was at Emersons ‒ regarding one of his books ‒ and had a most kind letter in reply ‒ one of my cherished possessions that letter. He is so fearless and full of fire. I think he typifies the German race more fully than any other one man Germany has produced.

I read Eucken’s Sense and Value of Life last Winter, [Text bricht ab]



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