Schmitz, L. Dora

L. Dora Schmitz an Ernst Haeckel, Berlin, 26. Mai 1914

Bei Prof. Ed. Sachau

12 Wormser Strasse

Berlin W.

May 26th 1914

Dear & ever revered friend & master,

Your kind & generous words to me, with the greatly appreciated photographs have been

forwarded to me here, & I need hardly say how happy & honoured I feel with those words in your own hand. It is, truly, most kind & courteous of you, dear Dr Haeckel, to acknowledge my simple greeting when hundreds must have reached you on your 80th birthday.

I am once more in the dear Vaterland, & even before your kind words came, I had been wondering whether I could get to Jena on my way to Bonn so as to see you once more. ||

I leave my dear friends here on the 29th & go to a niece in Zwickau for 4 days only, as I must be in Bonn on the 4th of June.

It would thus be June 2nd that I could be in Jena, if I knew I should find you at home.

Could you let me know whether you would be in Jena that day, & able to see me for a short half hour in the afternoon? It would be an unforgettable day to me to meet you once again, you, dear Master, to whom I am ever grateful for my wider, saner & happier view of all || things, & many undeserved kindnesses.

Trusting that good Fortune may allow me to meet you & to shake hands for „auld lang syne”, & with warmest greetings

Ever yours sincerely and gratefully

L. Dora Schmitz

To Dr Ernst Haeckel

Please reply to Zwickau

c/o Frau Böttger

2 Aeussere Leipziger St.



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